Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD


AwgY Gwm ipCY ruiq jwfw dyiK clq mnu foly ] (1109-1)
aagai ghaam pichhai rut jaadaa daykh chalat man dolay.
Summer is now behind us, and the winter season is ahead. Gazing upon this play, my shaky mind wavers.

dh idis swK hrI hrIAwvl shij pkY so mITw ] (1109-1)
dah dis saakh haree haree-aaval sahj pakai so meethaa.
In all ten directions, the branches are green and alive. That which ripens slowly, is sweet.

nwnk Asuin imlhu ipAwry siqgur Bey bsITw ]11] (1109-2)
naanak asun milhu pi-aaray satgur bha-ay baseethaa. ||11||
O Nanak, in Assu, please meet me, my Beloved. The True Guru has become my Advocate and Friend. ||11||

kqik ikrqu pieAw jo pRB BwieAw ] (1109-2)
katak kirat pa-i-aa jo parabh bhaa-i-aa.
In Katak, that alone comes to pass, which is pleasing to the Will of God.

dIpku shij blY qiq jlwieAw ] (1109-3)
deepak sahj balai tat jalaa-i-aa.
The lamp of intuition burns, lit by the essence of reality.

dIpk rs qylo Dn ipr mylo Dn EmwhY srsI ] (1109-3)
deepak ras taylo Dhan pir maylo Dhan omaahai sarsee.
Love is the oil in the lamp, which unites the soul-bride with her Lord. The bride is delighted, in ecstasy.

Avgx mwrI mrY n sIJY guix mwrI qw mrsI ] (1109-4)
avgan maaree marai na seejhai gun maaree taa marsee.
One who dies in faults and demerits - her death is not successful. But one who dies in glorious virtue, really truly dies.

nwmu Bgiq dy inj Gir bYTy Ajhu iqnwVI Awsw ] (1109-4)
naam bhagat day nij ghar baithay ajahu tinaarhee aasaa.
Those who are blessed with devotional worship of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, sit in the home of their own inner being. They place their hopes in You.

nwnk imlhu kpt dr Kolhu eyk GVI Ktu mwsw ]12] (1109-5)
naanak milhu kapat dar kholahu ayk gharhee khat maasaa. ||12||
Nanak: please open the shutters of Your Door, O Lord, and meet me. A single moment is like six months to me. ||12||

mMGr mwhu Blw hir gux AMik smwvey ] (1109-5)
manghar maahu bhalaa har gun ank samaav-ay.
The month of Maghar is good, for those who sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and merge in His Being.

guxvMqI gux rvY mY ipru inhclu Bwvey ] (1109-6)
gunvantee gun ravai mai pir nihchal bhaav-ay.
The virtuous wife utters His Glorious Praises; my Beloved Husband Lord is Eternal and Unchanging.

inhclu cquru sujwxu ibDwqw cMclu jgqu sbwieAw ] (1109-6)
nihchal chatur sujaan biDhaataa chanchal jagat sabaa-i-aa.
The Primal Lord is Unmoving and Unchanging, Clever and Wise; all the world is fickle.

igAwnu iDAwnu gux AMik smwxy pRB Bwxy qw BwieAw ] (1109-7)
gi-aan Dhi-aan gun ank samaanay parabh bhaanay taa bhaa-i-aa.
By virtue of spiritual wisdom and meditation, she merges in His Being; she is pleasing to God, and He is pleasing to her.

gIq nwd kivq kvy suix rwm nwim duKu BwgY ] (1109-7)
geet naad kavit kavay sun raam naam dukh bhaagai.
I have heard the songs and the music, and the poems of the poets; but only the Name of the Lord takes away my pain.

nwnk sw Dn nwh ipAwrI AB BgqI ipr AwgY ]13] (1109-8)
naanak saa Dhan naah pi-aaree abh bhagtee pir aagai. ||13||
O Nanak, that soul-bride is pleasing to her Husband Lord, who performs loving devotional worship before her Beloved. ||13||

poiK quKwru pVY vxu iqRxu rsu soKY ] (1109-8)
pokh tukhaar parhai van tarin ras sokhai.
In Poh, the snow falls, and the sap of the trees and the fields dries up.

Awvq kI nwhI min qin vsih muKy ] (1109-9)
aavat kee naahee man tan vaseh mukhay.
Why have You not come? I keep You in my mind, body and mouth.

min qin riv rihAw jgjIvnu gur sbdI rMgu mwxI ] (1109-9)
man tan rav rahi-aa jagjeevan gur sabdee rang maanee.
He is permeating and pervading my mind and body; He is the Life of the World. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, I enjoy His Love.

AMfj jyrj syqj auqBuj Git Git joiq smwxI ] (1109-10)
andaj jayraj saytaj ut-bhuj ghat ghat jot samaanee.
His Light fills all those born of eggs, born from the womb, born of sweat and born of the earth, each and every heart.

drsnu dyhu dieAwpiq dwqy giq pwvau miq dyho ] (1109-10)
darsan dayh da-i-aapat daatay gat paava-o mat dayho.
Grant me the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, O Lord of Mercy and Compassion. O Great Giver, grant me understanding, that I might find salvation.

nwnk rMig rvY ris rsIAw hir isau pRIiq snyho ]14] (1109-11)
naanak rang ravai ras rasee-aa har si-o pareet sanayho. ||14||
O Nanak, the Lord enjoys, savors and ravishes the bride who is in love with Him. ||14||

mwiG punIq BeI qIrQu AMqir jwinAw ] (1109-11)
maagh puneet bha-ee tirath antar jaani-aa.
In Maagh, I become pure; I know that the sacred shrine of pilgrimage is within me.

swjn shij imly gux gih AMik smwinAw ] (1109-12)
saajan sahj milay gun geh ank samaani-aa.
I have met my Friend with intuitive ease; I grasp His Glorious Virtues, and merge in His Being.

pRIqm gux AMky suix pRB bMky quDu Bwvw sir nwvw ] (1109-12)
pareetam gun ankay sun parabh bankay tuDh bhaavaa sar naavaa.
O my Beloved, Beauteous Lord God, please listen: I sing Your Glories, and merge in Your Being. If it is pleasing to Your Will, I bathe in the sacred pool within.

gMg jmun qh byxI sMgm swq smuMd smwvw ] puMn dwn pUjw prmysur juig juig eyko jwqw ] (1109-13)
gang jamun tah baynee sangam saat samund samaavaa. punn daan poojaa parmaysur jug jug ayko jaataa.
The Ganges, Jamunaa, the sacred meeting place of the three rivers, the seven seas, charity, donations, adoration and worship all rest in the Transcendent Lord God; throughout the ages, I realize the One.

nwnk mwiG mhw rsu hir jip ATsiT qIrQ nwqw ]15] (1109-14)
naanak maagh mahaa ras har jap athsath tirath naataa. ||15||
O Nanak, in Maagh, the most sublime essence is meditation on the Lord; this is the cleansing bath of the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage. ||15||

Plguin min rhsI pRymu suBwieAw ] (1109-14)
falgun man rahsee paraym subhaa-i-aa.
In Phalgun, her mind is enraptured, pleased by the Love of her Beloved.

Anidnu rhsu BieAw Awpu gvwieAw ] (1109-15)
an-din rahas bha-i-aa aap gavaa-i-aa.
Night and day, she is enraptured, and her selfishness is gone.

mn mohu cukwieAw jw iqsu BwieAw kir ikrpw Gir AwE ] (1109-15)
man moh chukaa-i-aa jaa tis bhaa-i-aa kar kirpaa ghar aa-o.
Emotional attachment is eradicated from her mind, when it pleases Him; in His Mercy, He comes to my home.

bhuqy vys krI ipr bwJhu mhlI lhw n QwE ] (1109-16)
bahutay vays karee pir baajhahu mahlee lahaa na thaa-o.
I dress in various clothes, but without my Beloved, I shall not find a place in the Mansion of His Presence.

hwr for rs pwt ptMbr ipir loVI sIgwrI ] (1109-16)
haar dor ras paat patambar pir lorhee seegaaree.
I have adorned myself with garlands of flowers, pearl necklaces, scented oils and silk robes.

nwnk myil leI guir ApxY Gir vru pwieAw nwrI ]16] (1109-17)
naanak mayl la-ee gur apnai ghar var paa-i-aa naaree. ||16||
O Nanak, the Guru has united me with Him. The soul-bride has found her Husband Lord, within the home of her own heart. ||16||

by ds mwh ruqI iQqI vwr Bly ] GVI mUrq pl swcy Awey shij imly ](1109-17)
bay das maah rutee thitee vaar bhalay. gharhee moorat pal saachay aa-ay sahj milay.
The twelve months, the seasons, the weeks, the days, the hours, the minutes and the seconds are all sublime, when the True Lord comes and meets her with natural ease.

pRB imly ipAwry kwrj swry krqw sB ibiD jwxY ] (1109-18)
parabh milay pi-aaray kaaraj saaray kartaa sabh biDh jaanai.
God, my Beloved, has met me, and my affairs are all resolved. The Creator Lord knows all ways and means.

ijin sIgwrI iqsih ipAwrI mylu BieAw rMgu mwxY ] (1109-19)
jin seegaaree tiseh pi-aaree mayl bha-i-aa rang maanai.
I am loved by the One who has embellished and exalted me; I have met Him, and I savor His Love.

Gir syj suhwvI jw ipir rwvI gurmuiK msqik Bwgo ] (1109-19)
ghar sayj suhaavee jaa pir raavee gurmukh mastak bhaago.
The bed of my heart becomes beautiful, when my Husband Lord ravishes me. As Gurmukh, the destiny on my forehead has been awakened and activated.


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD