Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD


dUKw qy suK aUpjih sUKI hovih dUK ] (1328-1)
dookhaa tay sukh oopjahi sookhee hoveh dookh.
Out of pain, pleasure is produced, and out of pleasure comes pain.

ijqu muiK qU swlwhIAih iqqu muiK kYsI BUK ]3] (1328-1)
jit mukh too salaahee-ah tit mukh kaisee bhookh. ||3||
That mouth which praises You - what hunger could that mouth ever suffer? ||3||

nwnk mUrKu eyku qU Avru Blw sYswru ] (1328-2)
naanak moorakh ayk too avar bhalaa saisaar.
O Nanak, you alone are foolish; all the rest of the world is good.

ijqu qin nwmu n aUpjY sy qn hoih KuAwr ]4]2] (1328-2)
jit tan naam na oopjai say tan hohi khu-aar. ||4||2||
That body in which the Naam does not well up - that body becomes miserable. ||4||2||

pRBwqI mhlw 1 ] (1328-3)
parbhaatee mehlaa 1.
Prabhaatee, First Mehl:

jY kwrix byd bRhmY aucry sMkir CofI mwieAw ] (1328-3)
jai kaaran bayd barahmai uchray sankar chhodee maa-i-aa.
For His sake, Brahma uttered the Vedas, and Shiva renounced Maya.

jY kwrix isD Bey audwsI dyvI mrmu n pwieAw ]1] (1328-3)
jai kaaran siDh bha-ay udaasee dayvee maram na paa-i-aa. ||1||
For His sake, the Siddhas became hermits and renunciates; even the gods have not realized His Mystery. ||1||

bwbw min swcw muiK swcw khIAY qrIAY swcw hoeI ] (1328-4)
baabaa man saachaa mukh saachaa kahee-ai taree-ai saachaa ho-ee.
O Baba, keep the True Lord in your mind, and utter the Name of the True Lord with your mouth; the True Lord will carry you across.

dusmnu dUKu n AwvY nyVY hir miq pwvY koeI ]1] rhwau ] (1328-5)
dusman dookh na aavai nayrhai har mat paavai ko-ee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Enemies and pain shall not even approach you; only a rare few realize the Wisdom of the Lord. ||1||Pause||

Agin ibMb pvxY kI bwxI qIin nwm ky dwsw ] (1328-5)
agan bimb pavnai kee banee teen naam kay daasaa.
Fire, water and air make up the world; these three are the slaves of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

qy qskr jo nwmu n lyvih vwsih kot pMcwsw ]2] (1328-6)
tay taskar jo naam na layveh vaaseh kot panchaasaa. ||2||
One who does not chant the Naam is a thief, dwelling in the fortress of the five thieves. ||2||

jy ko eyk krY cMigAweI min iciq bhuqu bPwvY ] (1328-6)
jay ko ayk karai changi-aa-ee man chit bahut bafaavai.
If someone does a good deed for someone else, he totally puffs himself up in his conscious mind.

eyqy gux eyqIAw cMigAweIAw dyie n pCoqwvY ]3] (1328-7)
aytay gun aytee-aa chang-aa-ee-aa day-ay na pachhotaavai. ||3||
The Lord bestows so many virtues and so much goodness; He does not ever regret it. ||3||

quDu swlwhin iqn Dnu plY nwnk kw Dnu soeI ] (1328-7)
tuDh saalaahan tin Dhan palai naanak kaa Dhan so-ee.
Those who praise You gather the wealth in their laps; this is Nanak's wealth.

jy ko jIau khY Enw kau jm kI qlb n hoeI ]4]3] (1328-8)
jay ko jee-o kahai onaa ka-o jam kee talab na ho-ee. ||4||3||
Whoever shows respect to them is not summoned by the Messenger of Death. ||4||3||

pRBwqI mhlw 1 ] (1328-8)
parbhaatee mehlaa 1.
Prabhaatee, First Mehl:

jw kY rUpu nwhI jwiq nwhI nwhI muKu mwsw ] (1328-9)
jaa kai roop naahee jaat naahee naahee mukh maasaa.
One who has no beauty, no social status, no mouth, no flesh

siqguir imly inrMjnu pwieAw qyrY nwim hY invwsw ]1] (1328-9)
satgur milay niranjan paa-i-aa tayrai naam hai nivaasaa. ||1||
- meeting with the True Guru, he finds the Immaculate Lord, and dwells in Your Name. ||1||

AauDU shjy qqu bIcwir ] (1328-10)
a-oDhoo sehjay tat beechaar.
O detached Yogi, contemplate the essence of reality,

jw qy iPir n Awvhu sYswir ]1] rhwau ] (1328-10)
jaa tay fir na aavhu saisaar. ||1|| rahaa-o.
and you shall never again come to be born into the world. ||1||Pause||

jw kY krmu nwhI Drmu nwhI nwhI suic mwlw ] (1328-10)
jaa kai karam naahee Dharam naahee naahee such maalaa.
One who does not have good karma or Dharmic faith, sacred rosary or mala

isv joiq kMnhu buiD pweI siqgurU rKvwlw ]2] (1328-11)
siv jot kannahu buDh paa-ee satguroo rakhvaalaa. ||2||
- through the Light of God, wisdom is bestowed; the True Guru is our Protector. ||2||

jw kY brqu nwhI nymu nwhI nwhI bkbweI ] (1328-11)
jaa kai barat naahee naym naahee naahee bakbaa-ee.
One who does not observe any fasts, make religious vows or chant

giq Avgiq kI icMq nwhI siqgurU PurmweI ]3] (1328-12)
gat avgat kee chint naahee satguroo furmaa-ee. ||3||
- he does not have to worry about good luck or bad, if he obeys the Command of the True Guru. ||3||

jw kY Aws nwhI inrws nwhI iciq suriq smJweI ] (1328-12)
jaa kai aas naahee niraas naahee chit surat samjhaa-ee.
One who is not hopeful, nor hopeless, who has trained his intuitive consciousness

qMq kau prm qMqu imilAw nwnkw buiD pweI ]4]4] (1328-13)
tant ka-o param tant mili-aa naankaa buDh paa-ee. ||4||4||
- his being blends with the Supreme Being. O Nanak, his awareness is awakened. ||4||4||

pRBwqI mhlw 1 ] (1328-14)
parbhaatee mehlaa 1.
Prabhaatee, First Mehl:

qw kw kihAw dir prvwxu ] (1328-14)
taa kaa kahi-aa dar parvaan.
What he says is approved in the Court of the Lord.

ibKu AMimRqu duie sm kir jwxu ]1] (1328-14)
bikh amrit du-ay sam kar jaan. ||1||
He looks upon poison and nectar as one and the same. ||1||

ikAw khIAY srby rihAw smwie ] (1328-15)
ki-aa kahee-ai sarbay rahi-aa samaa-ay.
What can I say? You are permeating and pervading all.

jo ikCu vrqY sB qyrI rjwie ]1] rhwau ] (1328-15)
jo kichh vartai sabh tayree rajaa-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Whatever happens, is all by Your Will. ||1||Pause||

pRgtI joiq cUkw AiBmwnu ] (1328-15)
pargatee jot chookaa abhimaan.
The Divine Light shines radiantly, and egotistical pride is dispelled.

siqguir dIAw AMimRq nwmu ]2] (1328-16)
satgur dee-aa amrit naam. ||2||
The True Guru bestows the Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||2||

kil mih AwieAw so jnu jwxu ] (1328-16)
kal meh aa-i-aa so jan jaan.
In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, one's birth is approved,

swcI drgh pwvY mwxu ]3] (1328-16)
saachee dargeh paavai maan. ||3||
if one is honored in the True Court. ||3||

khxw sunxw AkQ Gir jwie ] (1328-17)
kahnaa sunnaa akath ghar jaa-ay.
Speaking and listening, one goes to the Celestial Home of the Indescribable Lord.

kQnI bdnI nwnk jil jwie ]4]5] (1328-17)
kathnee badnee naanak jal jaa-ay. ||4||5||
Mere words of mouth, O Nanak, are burnt away. ||4||5||

pRBwqI mhlw 1 ] (1328-18)
parbhaatee mehlaa 1.
Prabhaatee, First Mehl:

AMimRqu nIru igAwin mn mjnu ATsiT qIrQ sMig ghy ] (1328-18)
amrit neer gi-aan man majan athsath tirath sang gahay.
One who bathes in the Ambrosial Water of spiritual wisdom takes with him the virtues of the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage.

gur aupdyis jvwhr mwxk syvy isKu suo Koij lhY ]1] (1328-18)
gur updays javaahar maanak sayvay sikh so khoj lahai. ||1||
The Guru's Teachings are the gems and jewels; the Sikh who serves Him searches and finds them. ||1||

gur smwin qIrQu nhI koie ] (1328-19)
gur samaan tirath nahee ko-ay.
There is no sacred shrine equal to the Guru.

sru sMqoKu qwsu guru hoie ]1] rhwau ] (1328-19)
sar santokh taas gur ho-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
The Guru encompasses the ocean of contentment. ||1||Pause||


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD