Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD


pwp pQr qrxu n jweI ] (990-1)
paap pathar taran na jaa-ee.
Sin is a stone which does not float.

Bau byVw jIau cVwaU ] (990-1)
bha-o bayrhaa jee-o charhaa-oo.
So let the Fear of God be the boat to carry your soul across.

khu nwnk dyvY kwhU ]4]2] (990-1)
kaho naanak dayvai kaahoo. ||4||2||
Says Nanak, rare are those who are blessed with this Boat. ||4||2||

mwrU mhlw 1 Gru 1 ] (990-2)
maaroo mehlaa 1 ghar 1.
Maaroo, First Mehl, First House:

krxI kwgdu mnu msvwxI burw Blw duie lyK pey ] (990-2)
karnee kaagad man masvaanee buraa bhalaa du-ay laykh pa-ay.
Actions are the paper, and the mind is the ink; good and bad are both recorded upon it.

ijau ijau ikrqu clwey iqau clIAY qau gux nwhI AMqu hry ]1] (990-2)
ji-o ji-o kirat chalaa-ay ti-o chalee-ai ta-o gun naahee ant haray. ||1||
As their past actions drive them, so are mortals driven. There is no end to Your Glorious Virtues, Lord. ||1||

icq cyqis kI nhI bwvirAw ] (990-3)
chit chaytas kee nahee baavri-aa.
Why do you not keep Him in your consciousness, you mad man?

hir ibsrq qyry gux gilAw ]1] rhwau ] (990-3)
har bisrat tayray gun gali-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Forgetting the Lord, your own virtues shall rot away. ||1||Pause||

jwlI rYin jwlu idnu hUAw jyqI GVI PwhI qyqI ] (990-4)
jaalee rain jaal din hoo-aa jaytee gharhee faahee taytee.
The night is a net, and the day is a net; there are as many traps as there are moments.

ris ris cog cugih inq Pwsih CUtis mUVy kvn guxI ]2] (990-4)
ras ras chog chugeh nit faaseh chhootas moorhay kavan gunee. ||2||
With relish and delight, you continually bite at the bait; you are trapped, you fool - how will you ever escape? ||2||

kwieAw Awrxu mnu ivic lohw pMc Agin iqqu lwig rhI ] (990-5)
kaa-i-aa aaran man vich lohaa panch agan tit laag rahee.
The body is a furnace, and the mind is the iron within it; the five fires are heating it.

koiely pwp pVy iqsu aUpir mnu jilAw sMn@I icMq BeI ]3] (990-6)
ko-ilay paap parhay tis oopar man jali-aa sanHee chint bha-ee. ||3||
Sin is the charcoal placed upon it, which burns the mind; the tongs are anxiety and worry. ||3||

BieAw mnUru kMcnu iPir hovY jy guru imlY iqnyhw ] (990-6)
bha-i-aa manoor kanchan fir hovai jay gur milai tinayhaa.
What was turned to slag is again transformed into gold, if one meets with the Guru.

eyku nwmu AMimRqu Ehu dyvY qau nwnk iqRstis dyhw ]4]3] (990-7)
ayk naam amrit oh dayvai ta-o naanak taristas dayhaa. ||4||3||
He blesses the mortal with the Ambrosial Name of the One Lord, and then, O Nanak, the body is held steady. ||4||3||

mwrU mhlw 1 ] (990-8)
maaroo mehlaa 1.
Maaroo, First Mehl:

ibml mJwir bsis inrml jl pdmin jwvl ry ] (990-8)
bimal majhaar basas nirmal jal padman jaaval ray.
In the pure, immaculate waters, both the lotus and the slimy scum are found.

pdmin jwvl jl rs sMgiq sMig doK nhI ry ]1] (990-8)
padman jaaval jal ras sangat sang dokh nahee ray. ||1||
The lotus flower is with the scum and the water, but it remains untouched by any pollution. ||1||

dwdr qU kbih n jwnis ry ] (990-9)
daadar too kabeh na jaanas ray.
You frog, you will never understand.

BKis isbwlu bsis inrml jl AMimRqu n lKis ry ]1] rhwau ] (990-9)
bhakhas sibaal basas nirmal jal amrit na lakhas ray. ||1|| rahaa-o.
You eat the dirt, while you dwell in the immaculate waters. You know nothing of the ambrosial nectar there. ||1||Pause||

bsu jl inq n vsq AlIAl myr ccw gun ry ] (990-10)
bas jal nit na vasat alee-al mayr chachaa gun ray.
You dwell continually in the water; the bumble bee does not dwell there, but it is intoxicated with its fragrance from afar.

cMd kumudnI dUrhu invsis AnBau kwrin ry ]2] (990-10)
chand kumudanee Dhoorahu nivsas anbha-o kaaran ray. ||2||
Intuitively sensing the moon in the distance, the lotus bows its head. ||2||

AMimRq KMfu dUiD mDu sMcis qU bn cwqur ry ] (990-11)
amrit khand dooDh maDh sanchas too ban chaatur ray.
The realms of nectar are irrigated with milk and honey; you think you are clever to live in the water.

Apnw Awpu qU kbhu n Cofis ipsn pRIiq ijau ry ]3] (990-12)
apnaa aap too kabahu na chhodas pisan pareet ji-o ray. ||3||
You can never escape your own inner tendencies, like the love of the flea for blood. ||3||

pMifq sMig vsih jn mUrK Awgm sws suny ] (990-12)
pandit sang vaseh jan moorakh aagam saas sunay.
The fool may live with the Pandit, the religious scholar, and listen to the Vedas and the Shaastras.

Apnw Awpu qU kbhu n Cofis suAwn pUiC ijau ry ]4] (990-13)
apnaa aap too kabahu na chhodas su-aan poochh ji-o ray. ||4||
You can never escape your own inner tendencies, like the crooked tail of the dog. ||4||

ieik pwKMfI nwim n rwcih iek hir hir crxI ry ] (990-13)
ik paakhandee naam na raacheh ik har har charnee ray.
Some are hypocrites; they do not merge with the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Some are absorbed in the Feet of the Lord, Har, Har.

pUrib iliKAw pwvis nwnk rsnw nwmu jip ry ]5]4] (990-14)
poorab likhi-aa paavas naanak rasnaa naam jap ray. ||5||4||
The mortals obtain what they are predestined to receive; O Nanak, with your tongue, chant the Naam. ||5||4||

mwrU mhlw 1 ] (990-15)
maaroo mehlaa 1.
Maaroo, First Mehl,

sloku ] (990-15)

piqq punIq AsMK hoih hir crnI mnu lwg ] (990-15)
patit puneet asaNkh hohi har charnee man laag.
Countless sinners are sanctified, attaching their minds to the Feet of the Lord.

ATsiT qIrQ nwmu pRB nwnk ijsu msqik Bwg ]1] (990-15)
athsath tirath naam parabh naanak jis mastak bhaag. ||1||
The merits of the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage are found in God's Name, O Nanak, when such destiny is inscribed upon one's forehead. ||1||

sbdu ] (990-16)

sKI shylI grib ghylI ] (990-16)
sakhee sahaylee garab gahaylee.
O friends and companions, so puffed up with pride,

suix sh kI iek bwq suhylI ]1] (990-16)
sun sah kee ik baat suhaylee. ||1||
listen to this one joyous story of your Husband Lord. ||1||

jo mY bydn sw iksu AwKw mweI ] (990-17)
jo mai baydan saa kis aakhaa maa-ee.
Who can I tell about my pain, O my mother?

hir ibnu jIau n rhY kYsy rwKw mweI ]1] rhwau ] (990-17)
har bin jee-o na rahai kaisay raakhaa maa-ee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Without the Lord, my soul cannot survive; how can I comfort it, O my mother? ||1||Pause||

hau dohwgix KrI rM\wxI ] (990-17)
ha-o dohaagan kharee ranjaanee.
I am a dejected, discarded bride, totally miserable.

gieAw su jobnu Dn pCuqwxI ]2] (990-18)
ga-i-aa so joban Dhan pachhutaanee. ||2||
I have lost my youth; I regret and repent. ||2||

qU dwnw swihbu isir myrw ] (990-18)
too daanaa saahib sir mayraa.
You are my wise Lord and Master, above my head.

iKjmiq krI jnu bMdw qyrw ]3] (990-18)
khijmat karee jan bandaa tayraa. ||3||
I serve You as Your humble slave. ||3||

Bxiq nwnku AMdysw eyhI ] (990-19)
bhanat naanak andaysaa ayhee.
Nanak humbly prays, this is my only concern:

ibnu drsn kYsy rvau snyhI ]4]5] (990-19)
bin darsan kaisay rava-o sanayhee. ||4||5||
without the Blessed Vision of my Beloved, how can I enjoy Him? ||4||5||


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD