Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD


gwvin quDno jqI sqI sMqoKI gwvin quDno vIr krwry ] (9-1)
gaavan tuDhno jatee satee santokhee gaavan tuDhno veer karaaray.
The celibates, the fanatics, and the peacefully accepting sing of You; the fearless warriors sing of You.

gwvin quDno pMifq pVin rKIsur jugu jugu vydw nwly ] (9-1)
gaavan tuDhno pandit parhan rakheesur jug jug vaydaa naalay.
The Pandits, the religious scholars who recite the Vedas, with the supreme sages of all the ages, sing of You.

gwvin quDno mohxIAw mnu mohin surgu mCu pieAwly ] (9-2)
gaavan tuDhno mohnee-aa man mohan surag machh pa-i-aalay.
The Mohinis, the enchanting heavenly beauties who entice hearts in paradise, in this world, and in the underworld of the subconscious, sing of You.

gwvin quDno rqn aupwey qyry ATsiT qIrQ nwly ] (9-2)
gaavan tuDhno ratan upaa-ay tayray athsath tirath naalay.
The celestial jewels created by You, and the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage, sing of You.

gwvin quDno joD mhwbl sUrw gwvin quDno KwxI cwry ] (9-3)
gaavan tuDhno joDh mahaabal sooraa gaavan tuDhno khaanee chaaray.
The brave and mighty warriors sing of You. The spiritual heroes and the four sources of creation sing of You.

gwvin quDno KMf mMfl bRhmMfw kir kir rKy qyry Dwry ] (9-4)
gaavan tuDhno khand mandal barahmandaa kar kar rakhay tayray Dhaaray.
The worlds, solar systems and galaxies, created and arranged by Your Hand, sing of You.

syeI quDno gwvin jo quDu Bwvin rqy qyry Bgq rswly ] (9-4)
say-ee tuDhno gaavan jo tuDh bhaavan ratay tayray bhagat rasaalay.
They alone sing of You, who are pleasing to Your Will. Your devotees are imbued with Your Sublime Essence.

hoir kyqy quDno gwvin sy mY iciq n Awvin nwnku ikAw bIcwry ] (9-5)
hor kaytay tuDhno gaavan say mai chit na aavan naanak ki-aa beechaaray.
So many others sing of You, they do not come to mind. O Nanak, how can I think of them all?

soeI soeI sdw scu swihbu swcw swcI nweI ] (9-5)
so-ee so-ee sadaa sach saahib saachaa saachee naa-ee.
That True Lord is True, forever True, and True is His Name.

hY BI hosI jwie n jwsI rcnw ijin rcweI ] (9-6)
hai bhee hosee jaa-ay na jaasee rachnaa jin rachaa-ee.
He is, and shall always be. He shall not depart, even when this Universe which He has created departs.

rMgI rMgI BwqI kir kir ijnsI mwieAw ijin aupweI ] (9-6)
rangee rangee bhaatee kar kar jinsee maa-i-aa jin upaa-ee.
He created the world, with its various colors, species of beings, and the variety of Maya.

kir kir dyKY kIqw Awpxw ijau iqs dI vifAweI ] (9-7)
kar kar daykhai keetaa aapnaa ji-o tis dee vadi-aa-ee.
Having created the creation, He watches over it Himself, by His Greatness.

jo iqsu BwvY soeI krsI iPir hukmu n krxw jweI ] (9-7)
jo tis bhaavai so-ee karsee fir hukam na karnaa jaa-ee.
He does whatever He pleases. No one can issue any order to Him.

so pwiqswhu swhw piqswihbu nwnk rhxu rjweI ]1] (9-8)
so paatisaahu saahaa patisaahib naanak rahan rajaa-ee. ||1||
He is the King, the King of kings, the Supreme Lord and Master of kings. Nanak remains subject to His Will. ||1||

Awsw mhlw 1 ] (9-9)
aasaa mehlaa 1.
Aasaa, First Mehl:

suix vfw AwKY sBu koie ] (9-9)
sun vadaa aakhai sabh ko-ay.
Hearing of His Greatness, everyone calls Him Great.

kyvfu vfw fITw hoie ] (9-9)
kayvad vadaa deethaa ho-ay.
But just how Great His Greatness is-this is known only to those who have seen Him.

kImiq pwie n kihAw jwie ] (9-9)
keemat paa-ay na kahi-aa jaa-ay.
His Value cannot be estimated; He cannot be described.

khxY vwly qyry rhy smwie ]1] (9-10)
kahnai vaalay tayray rahay samaa-ay. ||1||
Those who describe You, Lord, remain immersed and absorbed in You. ||1||

vfy myry swihbw gihr gMBIrw guxI ghIrw ] (9-10)
vaday mayray saahibaa gahir gambheeraa gunee gaheeraa.
O my Great Lord and Master of Unfathomable Depth, You are the Ocean of Excellence.

koie n jwxY qyrw kyqw kyvfu cIrw ]1] rhwau ] (9-10)
ko-ay na jaanai tayraa kaytaa kayvad cheeraa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
No one knows the extent or the vastness of Your Expanse. ||1||Pause||

siB surqI imil suriq kmweI ] (9-11)
sabh surtee mil surat kamaa-ee.
All the intuitives met and practiced intuitive meditation.

sB kImiq imil kImiq pweI ] (9-11)
sabh keemat mil keemat paa-ee.
All the appraisers met and made the appraisal.

igAwnI iDAwnI gur gurhweI ] (9-12)
gi-aanee Dhi-aanee gur gurhaa-ee.
The spiritual teachers, the teachers of meditation, and the teachers of teachers

khxu n jweI qyrI iqlu vifAweI ]2] (9-12)
kahan na jaa-ee tayree til vadi-aa-ee. ||2||
-they cannot describe even an iota of Your Greatness. ||2||

siB sq siB qp siB cMigAweIAw ] (9-12)
sabh sat sabh tap sabh chang-aa-ee-aa.
All Truth, all austere discipline, all goodness,

isDw purKw kIAw vifAweIAw ] (9-13)
siDhaa purkhaa kee-aa vadi-aa-ee-aa.
all the great miraculous spiritual powers of the Siddhas

quDu ivxu isDI iknY n pweIAw ] (9-13)
tuDh vin siDhee kinai na paa-ee-aa.
-without You, no one has attained such powers.

krim imlY nwhI Twik rhweIAw ]3] (9-13)
karam milai naahee thaak rahaa-ee-aa. ||3||
They are received only by Your Grace. No one can block them or stop their flow. ||3||

AwKx vwlw ikAw vycwrw ] (9-14)
aakhan vaalaa ki-aa vaychaaraa.
What can the poor helpless creatures do?

isPqI Bry qyry BMfwrw ] (9-14)
siftee bharay tayray bhandaaraa.
Your Praises are overflowing with Your Treasures.

ijsu qU dyih iqsY ikAw cwrw ] (9-14)
jis too deh tisai ki-aa chaaraa.
Those, unto whom You give-how can they think of any other?

nwnk scu svwrxhwrw ]4]2] (9-15)
naanak sach savaaranhaaraa. ||4||2||
O Nanak, the True One embellishes and exalts. ||4||2||

Awsw mhlw 1 ] (9-15)
aasaa mehlaa 1.
Aasaa, First Mehl:

AwKw jIvw ivsrY mir jwau ] (9-15)
aakhaa jeevaa visrai mar jaa-o.
Chanting it, I live; forgetting it, I die.

AwKix AauKw swcw nwau ] (9-15)
aakhan a-ukhaa saachaa naa-o.
It is so difficult to chant the True Name.

swcy nwm kI lwgY BUK ] (9-16)
saachay naam kee laagai bhookh.
If someone feels hunger for the True Name,

auqu BUKY Kwie clIAih dUK ]1] (9-16)
ut bhookhai khaa-ay chalee-ahi dookh. ||1||
that hunger shall consume his pain. ||1||

so ikau ivsrY myrI mwie ] (9-16)
so ki-o visrai mayree maa-ay.
How can I forget Him, O my mother?

swcw swihbu swcY nwie ]1] rhwau ] (9-17)
saachaa saahib saachai naa-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
True is the Master, True is His Name. ||1||Pause||

swcy nwm kI iqlu vifAweI ] (9-17)
saachay naam kee til vadi-aa-ee.
Trying to describe even an iota of the Greatness of the True Name,

AwiK Qky kImiq nhI pweI ] (9-17)
aakh thakay keemat nahee paa-ee.
people have grown weary, but they have not been able to evaluate it.

jy siB imil kY AwKx pwih ] (9-18)
jay sabh mil kai aakhan paahi.
Even if everyone were to gather together and speak of Him,

vfw n hovY Gwit n jwie ]2] (9-18)
vadaa na hovai ghaat na jaa-ay. ||2||
He would not become any greater or any lesser. ||2||

nw Ehu mrY n hovY sogu ] (9-18)
naa oh marai na hovai sog.
That Lord does not die; there is no reason to mourn.

dydw rhY n cUkY Bogu ] (9-18)
daydaa rahai na chookai bhog.
He continues to give, and His Provisions never run short.

guxu eyho horu nwhI koie ] (9-19)
gun ayho hor naahee ko-ay.
This Virtue is His alone; there is no other like Him.

nw ko hoAw nw ko hoie ]3] (9-19)
naa ko ho-aa naa ko ho-ay. ||3||
There never has been, and there never will be. ||3||

jyvfu Awip qyvf qyrI dwiq ] (9-19)
jayvad aap tayvad tayree daat.
As Great as You Yourself are, O Lord, so Great are Your Gifts.


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD