Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD


srm KMf kI bwxI rUpu ] (8-1)
saram khand kee banee roop.
In the realm of humility, the Word is Beauty.

iqQY GwViq GVIAY bhuqu AnUpu ] (8-1)
tithai ghaarhat gharhee-ai bahut anoop.
Forms of incomparable beauty are fashioned there.

qw kIAw glw kQIAw nw jwih ] (8-1)
taa kee-aa galaa kathee-aa naa jaahi.
These things cannot be described.

jy ko khY ipCY pCuqwie ] (8-1)
jay ko kahai pichhai pachhutaa-ay.
One who tries to speak of these shall regret the attempt.

iqQY GVIAY suriq miq min buiD ] (8-2)
tithai gharhee-ai surat mat man buDh.
The intuitive consciousness, intellect and understanding of the mind are shaped there.

iqQY GVIAY surw isDw kI suiD ]36] (8-2)
tithai gharhee-ai suraa siDhaa kee suDh. ||36||
The consciousness of the spiritual warriors and the Siddhas, the beings of spiritual perfection, are shaped there. ||36||

krm KMf kI bwxI joru ] (8-3)
karam khand kee banee jor.
In the realm of karma, the Word is Power.

iqQY horu n koeI horu ] (8-3)
tithai hor na ko-ee hor.
No one else dwells there,

iqQY joD mhwbl sUr ] (8-3)
tithai joDh mahaabal soor.
except the warriors of great power, the spiritual heroes.

iqn mih rwmu rihAw BrpUr ] (8-3)
tin meh raam rahi-aa bharpoor.
They are totally fulfilled, imbued with the Lord's Essence.

iqQY sIqo sIqw mihmw mwih ] (8-4)
tithai seeto seetaa mahimaa maahi.
Myriads of Sitas are there, cool and calm in their majestic glory.

qw ky rUp n kQny jwih ] (8-4)
taa kay roop na kathnay jaahi.
Their beauty cannot be described.

nw Eih mrih n Twgy jwih ] (8-4)
naa ohi mareh na thaagay jaahi.
Neither death nor deception comes to those,

ijn kY rwmu vsY mn mwih ] (8-4)
jin kai raam vasai man maahi.
within whose minds the Lord abides.

iqQY Bgq vsih ky loA ] (8-5)
tithai bhagat vaseh kay lo-a.
The devotees of many worlds dwell there.

krih AnÁdu scw min soie ] (8-5)
karahi anand sachaa man so-ay.
They celebrate; their minds are imbued with the True Lord.

sc KMif vsY inrMkwru ] (8-5)
sach khand vasai nirankaar.
In the realm of Truth, the Formless Lord abides.

kir kir vyKY ndir inhwl ] (8-6)
kar kar vaykhai nadar nihaal.
Having created the creation, He watches over it. By His Glance of Grace, He bestows happiness.

iqQY KMf mMfl vrBMf ] (8-6)
tithai khand mandal varbhand.
There are planets, solar systems and galaxies.

jy ko kQY q AMq n AMq ] (8-6)
jay ko kathai ta ant na ant.
If one speaks of them, there is no limit, no end.

iqQY loA loA Awkwr ] (8-6)
tithai lo-a lo-a aakaar.
There are worlds upon worlds of His Creation.

ijv ijv hukmu iqvY iqv kwr ] (8-7)
jiv jiv hukam tivai tiv kaar.
As He commands, so they exist.

vyKY ivgsY kir vIcwru ] (8-7)
vaykhai vigsai kar veechaar.
He watches over all, and contemplating the creation, He rejoices.

nwnk kQnw krVw swru ]37] (8-7)
naanak kathnaa karrhaa saar. ||37||
O Nanak, to describe this is as hard as steel! ||37||

jqu pwhwrw DIrju suinAwru ] (8-8)
jat paahaaraa Dheeraj suni-aar.
Let self-control be the furnace, and patience the goldsmith.

Ahrix miq vydu hQIAwru ] (8-8)
ahran mat vayd hathee-aar.
Let understanding be the anvil, and spiritual wisdom the tools.

Bau Klw Agin qp qwau ] (8-8)
bha-o khalaa agan tap taa-o.
With the Fear of God as the bellows, fan the flames of tapa, the body's inner heat.

BWfw Bwau AMimRqu iqqu Fwil ] (8-9)
bhaaNdaa bhaa-o amrit tit dhaal.
In the crucible of love, melt the Nectar of the Name,

GVIAY sbdu scI tkswl ] (8-9 jpu)
gharhee-ai sabad sachee taksaal.
and mint the True Coin of the Shabad, the Word of God.

ijn kau ndir krmu iqn kwr ] (8-9 jpu)
jin ka-o nadar karam tin kaar.
Such is the karma of those upon whom He has cast His Glance of Grace.

nwnk ndrI ndir inhwl ]38] (8-10 jpu)
naanak nadree nadar nihaal. ||38||
O Nanak, the Merciful Lord, by His Grace, uplifts and exalts them. ||38||

sloku ] (8-10)

pvxu gurU pwxI ipqw mwqw Driq mhqu ] (8-10, sloku)
pavan guroo paanee pitaa maataa Dharat mahat.
Air is the Guru, Water is the Father, and Earth is the Great Mother of all.

idvsu rwiq duie dweI dwieAw KylY sgl jgqu ] (8-11, sloku)
divas raat du-ay daa-ee daa-i-aa khaylai sagal jagat.
Day and night are the two nurses, in whose lap all the world is at play.

cMigAweIAw buirAweIAw vwcY Drmu hdUir ] (8-11, sloku)
chang-aa-ee-aa buri-aa-ee-aa vaachai Dharam hadoor.
Good deeds and bad deeds-the record is read out in the Presence of the Lord of Dharma.

krmI Awpo AwpxI ky nyVY ky dUir ] (8-12, sloku)
karmee aapo aapnee kay nayrhai kay door.
According to their own actions, some are drawn closer, and some are driven farther away.

ijnI nwmu iDAwieAw gey mskiq Gwil ] (8-12, sloku)
jinee naam Dhi-aa-i-aa ga-ay maskat ghaal.
Those who have meditated on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and departed after having worked by the sweat of their brows

nwnk qy muK aujly kyqI CutI nwil ]1] (8-12, sloku)
naanak tay mukh ujlay kaytee chhutee naal. ||1||
-O Nanak, their faces are radiant in the Court of the Lord, and many are saved along with them! ||1||

so dru rwgu Awsw mhlw 1(8-14)
so dar raag aasaa mehlaa 1
So Dar ~ That Door. Raag Aasaa, First Mehl:

<> siqgur pRswid ] (8-14)
ik-oaNkaar satgur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

so dru qyrw kyhw so Gru kyhw ijqu bih srb smwly ](8-14)
so dar tayraa kayhaa so ghar kayhaa jit bahi sarab samaalay.
Where is That Door of Yours, and where is That Home, in which You sit and take care of all?

vwjy qyry nwd Anyk AsMKw kyqy qyry vwvxhwry ] (8-15)
vaajay tayray naad anayk asankhaa kaytay tayray vaavanhaaray.
The Sound-current of the Naad vibrates there for You, and countless musicians play all sorts of instruments there for You.

kyqy qyry rwg prI isau khIAih kyqy qyry gwvxhwry ] (8-15)
kaytay tayray raag paree si-o kahee-ahi kaytay tayray gaavanhaaray.
There are so many Ragas and musical harmonies to You; so many minstrels sing hymns of You.

gwvin quDno pvxu pwxI bYsMqru gwvY rwjw Drmu duAwry ] (8-16)
gaavan tuDhno pavan paanee baisantar gaavai raajaa Dharam du-aaray.
Wind, water and fire sing of You. The Righteous Judge of Dharma sings at Your Door.

gwvin quDno icqu gupqu iliK jwxin iliK iliK Drmu bIcwry ] (8-17)
gaavan tuDhno chit gupat likh jaanan likh likh Dharam beechaaray.
Chitr and Gupt, the angels of the conscious and the subconscious who keep the record of actions, and the Righteous Judge of Dharma who reads this record, sing of You.

gwvin quDno eIsru bRhmw dyvI sohin qyry sdw svwry ] (8-17)
gaavan tuDhno eesar barahmaa dayvee sohan tayray sadaa savaaray.
Shiva, Brahma and the Goddess of Beauty, ever adorned by You, sing of You.

gwvin quDno ieMdR ieMdRwsix bYTy dyviqAw dir nwly ] (8-18)
gaavan tuDhno indar indaraasan baithay dayviti-aa dar naalay.
Indra, seated on His Throne, sings of You, with the deities at Your Door.

gwvin quDno isD smwDI AMdir gwvin quDno swD bIcwry ] (8-19)
gaavan tuDhno siDh samaaDhee andar gaavan tuDhno saaDh beechaaray.
The Siddhas in Samaadhi sing of You; the Saadhus sing of You in contemplation.


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD