Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD


hY koaU AYsw mIqu ij qorY ibKm gWiT ] (1363-1)
hai ko-oo aisaa meet je torai bikham gaaNth.
Is there any such friend, who can untie this difficult knot?

nwnk ieku sRIDr nwQu ij tUty lyie sWiT ]15] (1363-1)
naanak ik sareeDhar naath je tootay lay-ay saaNth. ||15||
O Nanak, the One Supreme Lord and Master of the earth reunites the separated ones. ||15||

Dwvau dsw Anyk pRym pRB kwrxy ] (1363-2)
Dhaava-o dasaa anayk paraym parabh kaarnay.
I run around in all directions, searching for the love of God.

pMc sqwvih dUq kvn ibiD mwrxy ] (1363-2)
panch sataaveh doot kavan biDh maarnay.
The five evil enemies are tormenting me; how can I destroy them?

qIKx bwx clwie nwmu pRB D´weIAY ] (1363-2)
teekhan baan chalaa-ay naam parabh Dha-yaa-ee-ai.
Shoot them with the sharp arrows of meditation on the Name of God.

hirhW mhW ibKwdI Gwq pUrn guru pweIAY ]16] (1363-3)
harihaaN mahaaN bikhaadee ghaat pooran gur paa-ee-ai. ||16||
O Lord! The way to slaughter these terrible sadistic enemies is obtained from the Perfect Guru. ||16||

siqgur kInI dwiq mUil n inKuteI ] (1363-3)
satgur keenee daat mool na nikhuta-ee.
The True Guru has blessed me with the bounty which shall never be exhausted.

Kwvhu BuMchu siB gurmuiK CuteI ] (1363-4)
kaavahu bhunchahu sabh gurmukh chhut-ee.
Eating and consuming it, all the Gurmukhs are emancipated.

AMimRqu nwmu inDwnu idqw quis hir ] (1363-4)
amrit naam niDhaan ditaa tus har.
The Lord, in His Mercy, has blessed me with the treasure of the Ambrosial Naam.

nwnk sdw ArwiD kdy n jWih mir ]17] (1363-5)
naanak sadaa araaDh kaday na jaaNhi mar. ||17||
O Nanak, worship and adore the Lord, who never dies. ||17||

ijQY jwey Bgqu su Qwnu suhwvxw ] (1363-5)
jithai jaa-ay bhagat so thaan suhaavanaa.
Wherever the Lord's devotee goes is a blessed, beautiful place.

sgly hoey suK hir nwmu iDAwvxw ] (1363-5)
saglay ho-ay sukh har naam Dhi-aavanaa.
All comforts are obtained, meditating on the Lord's Name.

jIA krin jYkwru inMdk muey pic ] (1363-6)
jee-a karan jaikaar nindak mu-ay pach.
People praise and congratulate the devotee of the Lord, while the slanderers rot and die.

swjn min Awnµdu nwnk nwmu jip ]18] (1363-6)
saajan man aanand naanak naam jap. ||18||
Says Nanak, O friend, chant the Naam, and your mind shall be filled with bliss. ||18||

pwvn piqq punIq kqh nhI syvIAY ] (1363-7)
paavan patit puneet katah nahee sayvee-ai.
The mortal never serves the Immaculate Lord, the Purifier of sinners.

JUTY rMig KuAwru khW lgu KyvIAY ] (1363-7)
jhoothai rang khu-aar kahaaN lag khayvee-ai.
The mortal wastes away in false pleasures. How long can this go on?

hircMdaurI pyiK kwhy suKu mwinAw ] (1363-8)
harichand-uree paykh kaahay sukh maani-aa.
Why do you take such pleasure, looking at this mirage?

hirhW hau bilhwrI iqMn ij drgih jwinAw ]19] (1363-8)
harihaaN ha-o balihaaree tinn je dargahi jaani-aa. ||19||
O Lord! I am a sacrifice to those who are known and approved in the Court of the Lord. ||19||

kIny krm Anyk gvwr ibkwr Gn ] (1363-9)
keenay karam anayk gavaar bikaar ghan.
The fool commits countless foolish actions and so many sinful mistakes.

mhw dRügMDq vwsu sT kw Cwru qn ] (1363-9)
mahaa darugaNDhat vaas sath kaa chhaar tan.
The fool's body smells rotten, and turns to dust.

iPrqau grb gubwir mrxu nh jwneI ] (1363-9)
firta-o garab gubaar maran nah jaan-ee.
He wanders lost in the darkness of pride, and never thinks of dying.

hirhW hircMdaurI pyiK kwhy scu mwneI ]20] (1363-10)
harihaaN harichand-uree paykh kaahay sach maan-ee. ||20||
O Lord! The mortal gazes upon the mirage; why does he think it is true? ||20||

ijs kI pUjY AauD iqsY kauxu rwKeI ] (1363-10)
jis kee poojai a-oDh tisai ka-un raakh-ee.
When someone's days are over, who can save him?

bYdk Aink aupwv khW lau BwKeI ] (1363-11)
baidak anik upaav kahaaN la-o bhaakh-ee.
How long can the physicians go on, suggesting various therapies?

eyko cyiq gvwr kwij qyrY AwveI ] (1363-11)
ayko chayt gavaar kaaj tayrai aavee.
You fool, remember the One Lord; only He shall be of use to you in the end.

hirhW ibnu nwvY qnu Cwru ibRQw sBu jwveI ]21] (1363-12)
harihaaN bin naavai tan chhaar baritha sabh jaav-ee. ||21||
O Lord! Without the Name, the body turns to dust, and everything goes to waste. ||21||

AauKDu nwmu Apwru Amolku pIjeI ] (1363-12)
a-ukhaDh naam apaar amolak peej-ee.
Drink in the medicine of the Incomparable, Priceless Name.

imil imil Kwvih sMq sgl kau dIjeI ] (1363-13)
mil mil khaaveh sant sagal ka-o deej-ee.
Meeting and joining together, the Saints drink it in, and give it to everyone.

ijsY prwpiq hoie iqsY hI pwvxy ] (1363-13)
jisai paraapat ho-ay tisai hee paavnay.
He alone is blessed with it, who is destined to receive it.

hirhW hau bilhwrI iqMn@ ij hir rMgu rwvxy ]22] (1363-13)
harihaaN ha-o balihaaree tinH je har rang raavnay. ||22||
O Lord! I am a sacrifice to those who enjoy the Love of the Lord. ||22||

vYdw sMdw sMgu iekTw hoieAw ] (1363-14)
vaidaa sandaa sang ikthaa ho-i-aa.
The physicians meet together in their assembly.

AauKd Awey rwis ivic Awip KloieAw ] (1363-14)
a-ukhad aa-ay raas vich aap khalo-i-aa.
The medicines are effective, when the Lord Himself stands in their midst.

jo jo Enw krm sukrm hoie psirAw ] (1363-15)
jo jo onaa karam sukaram ho-ay pasri-aa.
Their good deeds and karma become apparent.

hirhW dUK rog siB pwp qn qy iKsirAw ]23] (1363-15)
harihaaN dookh rog sabh paap tan tay khisri-aa. ||23||
O Lord! Pains, diseases and sins all vanish from their bodies. ||23||

cauboly mhlw 5 (1363-17)
cha-ubolay mehlaa 5
Chaubolas, Fifth Mehl:

<> siqgur pRswid ] (1363-17)
ik-oaNkaar satgur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

sMmn jau ies pRym kI dm ik´hu hoqI swt ] (1363-18)
samman ja-o is paraym kee dam ki-yahoo hotee saat.
O Samman, if one could buy this love with money,

rwvn huqy su rMk nih ijin isr dIny kwit ]1] (1363-18)
raavan hutay so rank neh jin sir deenay kaat. ||1||
then consider Raawan the king. He was not poor, but he could not buy it, even though he offered his head to Shiva. ||1||

pRIiq pRym qnu Kic rihAw bIcu n rweI hoq ] (1363-19)
pareet paraym tan khach rahi-aa beech na raa-ee hot.
My body is drenched in love and affection for the Lord; there is no distance at all between us.

crn kml mnu byiDE bUJnu suriq sMjog ]2] (1363-19)
charan kamal man bayDhi-o boojhan surat sanjog. ||2||
My mind is pierced through by the Lotus Feet of the Lord. He is realized when one's intuitive consciousness is attuned to Him. ||2||


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD